Why Wooden Floors Need Time to Acclimatise

Quality wooden flooring is one of the most desirable additions to any home, whether customers opt for a hardwood, vinyl or laminate surface. Wood is a natural material which reacts to changes in its surroundings, so it is essential that a few simple rules are followed to make sure any new flooring is durable, stylish and long-lasting.

Here we look at how changing temperatures and moisture levels can affect the way wooden surfaces behave, and what steps to take before and during the installation of new floors.


Wooden, vinyl and laminate flooring can be laid down throughout the year. However, care must be taken because of the moisture in the atmosphere. Wood is a porous material which naturally absorbs moisture and in spring and summer this is higher during autumn and winter. Floors laid down in warmer months easily shrink during autumn and winter, leaving unsightly gaps.

In winter, the levels of moisture in the air are low. If the floor absorbs any moisture during installation or delivery, this can dry up during the colder months. The floorboards can then swell or be pulled apart in a process known as cupping.

Let Your New Floor Acclimatise

So the presence of too much or too little moisture means flooring can be vulnerable to distortion unless it is given time to adjust to its new surroundings – or acclimatise.

For quality engineered wooden floors, and vinyl and laminate surfaces, Xylo recommend leaving the new flooring in the room where it is going to be installed for a minimum of two days. For solid wood flooring the recommended acclimatisation period is seven days.

If the flooring is delivered in packages, these should be left flat and not propped up, and be left unopened. This will help with the process, which is sometimes called acclimation.

Heating and Cooling

Wooden, laminate and vinyl flooring may benefit from constant temperatures as part of the acclimatisation process. So if the flooring is being installed in winter, then the central heating may have to be left on even if the occupants are away while the work is being carried out. In summer, the same applies to any air conditioning. This will allow the flooring to adjust to the normal living conditions for the time of year.

Quality Wooden Flooring from Xylo

Xylo Flooring supplies high-quality wooden flooring to domestic and commercial properties, including shops, offices and restaurants. Our hardwood floors include a range of oak textures, reflecting the tree’s many different species, and we also offer Black American walnut, which is available in either three-strip or one-strip planks.

Our vinyl and laminate flooring also come in a variety of shades. Stone effect, shabby chique, light walnut and various types of oak are all available in our Dynamic Click range of vinyl floors, while our Urban Click laminate flooring includes the lighter tones of our ‘Diamond Creek’ option, and the dark, rich textures of our ‘Carnoustie’ selection.

Whatever type of quality flooring you want to install, can meet your needs. Our floors all come with a five-year warranty for commercial use, and a lifetime warranty for domestic use. Follow the link above to get in touch.