Five Ways of Using Interior Design to Beat the Winter Blues

As the nights begin to draw in, homes and businesses are starved of natural light and can easily become depressing places to live and work – unless you make a conscious effort to brighten them up.

As suppliers of quality wooden floors to the trade, including developers and business owners, at Xylo Flooring we are interested in all aspects of interior design. Here are our top five tips for using design to beat the winter blues.

Colour is Crucial

Painting the walls in a fresh, warm colour will help to disguise the long nights outside. Ideally, choose tones which won’t look too cold in a low light, and don’t overdo the colours or the effect can become too vivid. Shades of lime and terracotta have been shown to work well.

Lighten Up

One of the reasons people suffer from the winter blues is because the short winter days means the brain releases more melatonin. This is a sleep-related hormone which has leads to a feeling of sluggishness and depression. It even has a name – SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

One way round this is to improve lighting. Homes can be brightened up with more powerful lighting. You can even install special SAD lamps whose bulbs mimic natural outdoor light, rather than offering a less healthy artificial alternative.

Time for Reflection

Another way of maximising the amount of light in a house or business is to make sure there are plenty of reflective surfaces. This can be done by installing more mirrors, as well as metallic surfaces such as lampshades and tables. This will create some extra colour as well, because light gleams off the surface of the metal.

Go Green

Ensuring there are plenty of winter plants around a home or business can help to improve the mood. Using florals for wallpaper and soft furnishings can also add to the visual effect.

Peace lilies, lavender and even cacti will give homes and offices a lift during the winter months, and there are scientific advantages too. Plants help purify the atmosphere by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They will also remove other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene which are commonly found in buildings today.

“Green walls”, sometimes called “vertical gardens”, have become increasingly popular in business premises over recent years, adding to eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Add Some Wood

The Scandinavians developed the concept of ‘hygge’ or cosiness, and wood is an integral part of it. Choosing wooden floors, furniture or panelling will help warm up a home or business, particularly when used with a neutral colour scheme like white. And remember that wood, from a heating point of view, is a natural insulator as well.

Quality Wooden Floors from Xylo Flooring

At Xylo Flooring we supply a wide range of quality wooden floors, which are such an integral part of the Scandinavian-style interior, to the trade. Oak flooring provides an excellent neutral base which you can easily add coloured rugs, furniture and fittings to, and we have a whole range of shades and grains to choose from.

We also offer a wide selection of vinyl and laminate flooring. These have the appearance of wood and, because of their hardwearing properties, are popular in premises with a high footfall, such as shops and restaurants.

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