Hygge and Quality Wooden Flooring

Hygge and Quality Wooden Flooring

The interior design trend ‘hygge’ has become one of the buzzwords of the decade – internet searches for it have rocketed, and both households and businesses have been adopting elements of the look. So, what’s it all about?

Here we look at the origins of hygge, why it has become so popular, and how Xylo’s range of products can help to achieve that ‘cosy’ impression.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced ‘hoo-gah’. Some say it is a Danish word which originally translated as ‘giving courage, comfort or joy. Others believe it might originally have been a Norwegian or even an Old Norse word.

Wherever it comes from, the nearest equivalent in English today is probably ‘cosiness’. It is a difficult concept to pin down, as it essentially is all about a state of mind. If you think about curling up in front of a fire with a cup of tea or a good book while it’s cold and wet outside, then you’ve got the idea.

h3>Why it is It So Popular in the UK?

In the UK the arrival of hygge followed the craze for so-called ‘Scandi-noir’ crime thrillers on TV, which helped establish anything from Norway, Sweden or Denmark as being ‘cool’. And the idea of cosiness, fireplaces and hot drinks works much better in a cold English winter than in perennially sunny hotspots such as California.

And because it celebrates the simple things in life, hygge is a comparatively easy-to-achieve – and inexpensive – interior design look.

Hygge as an Interior Design Trend

needs plenty of comfortable accessories. This means making sure a home has plenty of fur cushions, knitted blankets and throw pillows – in the living room as well as the bedroom.

Lighting should be low-level, both in terms of intensity and positioning. Instead of having a single dominant lamp hanging from the ceiling, try a mix of lower-powered table and floor lamps, which will help produce warm circles of light. This is also a look which will work well in some types of business setting. Candles can also help create that ‘homey’ feel which is so integral to hygge.

Hygge and the Floor

Natural wood is also an essential part of any hygge style, as it lends warmth and texture to a room, while keeping it light and bright. Engineered wooden flooring is one way of achieving this, particularly if some nice comfortable rugs are added on top.

Oak is ideal, as it offers a neutral base, and there are several light shades to choose from, all of which have beautiful grains. Vinyl and laminate flooring can help your customers to achieve a similar effect, while offering greater smoothness and durability.

Wooden, Vinyl and Laminate Floors from Xylo Flooring

At Xylo Flooring we can supply quality wooden, vinyl and laminate floors which will provide the perfect backdrop for any home or business which needs that ‘hygge’ look. Our wide range of oak flooring is available in a variety of shades and patterns, such as Belgravia Herringbone, Richmond Engineered, Islington.

Our Urban Click range of laminate flooring has a grained surface which has all the appearance of natural wood, while our vinyl Dynamic Click floors, which use the Valinge 2G click system, are durable and easy to clean.

We always keep plenty of stock in our warehouses in London, which makes it easy for us to meet any order, large or small. To get in touch and learn more about our range of products, follow the link above.

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