Five Top Home Design Trends for 2019

Five Top Home Design Trends for 2019

Now is usually the time of year when people think about giving their home or business a new look. At Xylo Flooring, we take a keen interest in all the latest home décor ideas. Here are our top five trends for the year ahead.

Colourful Creations

Two major home design companies have chosen warm, welcoming shades as their colours of the year. Dulux has opted for spiced honey, which can also be incorporated into home décor with lamps, sofas, cushions and blinds as well as paints. And spiced honey-coloured rugs are a perfect complement to quality wooden floors.

Pantone has chosen living coral this year. As with spiced honey, you can buy various home décor accessories in this colour, if it’s not going to be the primary shade – coral is even one of the options for the latest iPhones.

Going Green

Everywhere in the interior design trade, the need to be environmentally sustainable is going to be a major factor in the year ahead. This can manifest itself in various ways – for instance, with bold botanical plants such as rubber or palm trees either side of the sofa. If there isn’t the space for these, floral digital prints or wall art displays are a space-saving alternative.

A rise in the amount of environmentally-friendly furniture such as cork and rattan, or indeed anything made from reclaimed or recycled materials will reflect the fact that people increasingly want to know where everything comes from.

Multi-functional Spaces

With lots of people choosing to downsize, or live in small spaces for financial reasons, the need for multi-functional furniture will be greater than ever. Full-length cabinet mirrors which can be moved from room to room, adjustable desks which can be used as shelves, and space-saving pull-down and fold-up beds are all likely to enjoy a surge in popularity this year.

Painted Ceilings

UK interior designers believe that 2019 will be the year that people start taking chances with their ceilings, rather than just leaving them undecorated. This “fifth wall” can be painted or wallpapered over, or even have decorative beams added.

This approach works best in rooms where you want to create an intimate effect, such as bedrooms or formal dining spaces.

Wide Plank Flooring

As well as the ceiling, what about the floor? Industry experts believe that wide plank flooring will become even more popular in the months ahead. These floors help smaller rooms appear larger, more open and less cluttered. Wide planks also help add character, because you see more of the individual knots, grains and whirls in any given plank. However, with a lighter finish, they can also help create a more modern effect.

It is also highly practical – because there are fewer planks involved, installation time is reduced, and this type of surface is easy to maintain and suitable for use with underfloor heating. Xylo Flooring stocks the Islington range, a 24omm wide plank which comes in Polar White and Natural Oak Oiled finishes.

Whatever sort of design effect you are looking for, Xylo Flooring can help you achieve it. We supply a wide range of quality wooden floors, as well as vinyl and laminate options which have the appearance of wood, to developers, shops and businesses throughout the UK. Follow the link above to find out where your nearest Xylo stockist is.

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