The Latest Kitchen Décor Trends: Stylish and Practical

For many households, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Over the years it has changed from simply being a room where meals are prepared and eaten, into a social meeting-place for the whole family – almost like having a second lounge.

Here we look at five of the latest trends in kitchen interior design.

Black is the New White

White has been the classic colour for kitchens, because it is so neutral – it is a blank backdrop which colourful fixtures and fittings can be added to. However, it does show up any splashes and spillages very easily, and now there is a growing trend to opt for black elements in the kitchen, which avoids this problem.

Interior designers are now combining dark countertops with a sleek polish for more modern kitchen designs, for example where the so-called white goods like fridges and machines are now black as well. However, black surfaces work equally well in rustic kitchens when they are paired with more traditional elements.

A Touch of Glass

Open glass shelving is another standout feature of the modern kitchen. It is much lighter than chunky wooden cupboards, let more light in and is easier to clean. Other homeowners are using wooden cabinets with reeded or fluted glass fronts. This stylish storage solution also creates interesting light patterns within the kitchen.

On Your Metal

Stainless steel, like white walls, is no longer the market leader – nowadays designers are using different metals in kitchens. Brass and gold taps and cupboard handles give kitchens a much sleeker look, while pewter and gunmetal greys are a more neutral alternative.

Think Smart

Not only are white goods increasingly turning black, but they are also becoming far more sophisticated as well. You can set the temperature levels of some fridges and cookers from a smartphone, as well as turning your kitchen lights on and off remotely as well. Some state-of-the-art fridges now feature touch screens and interior cameras, so you can see what’s inside while you’re shopping, and leave notes and reminders to family members.

Going Green

But not everyone is thoroughly embracing 21st century technology, as the traditional look is still a major player in the interior design stakes. Wood in particular is back in fashion in the kitchen as more people want to feel a real connection with nature.

The beauty of natural wood surfaces like oak or walnut is that, because of all the differing knots and grains, no two pieces will look exactly the same – so the kitchen will be unique. Other eco-friendly features which are on-trend for 2019 include organic tiles, rattan furniture, natural stone and vintage lighting and fixtures.

Engineered Wooden Flooring from Xylo

Engineered wooden flooring is more suitable than solid wood for a kitchen, because it won’t contract and expand to the same extent. Any stains and spills should be cleared up immediately, as it has the potential to damage the wood if left untouched.

Xylo Flooring supply high-quality engineered wooden flooring to developers, businesses and the retail sector. We offer a wide variety of colours and grades in both oak and walnut, suitable for all styles of modern kitchen. They are installed through either a click or tongue and groove system.

We also offer a comprehensive range of vinyl flooring, another popular option for kitchens, as well as laminate floors.Follow the link above if you would like to get in touch and learn more about our range of products.

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