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Top Interior Design Trends to Try This Winter in The Home

As temperatures plummet and we start to experience the effects of the winter weather, it is time to embrace the best of winter décor and interior design trends this winter, from organic colour palettes, wooden, oak and laminate flooring to taking advantage of the latest modern technology design features with the introduction of Smart LED lightbulbs.

Organic Colour Palettes

This winter there is a strong emphasis on natural pigments including a mix of cool blues, greens and eccentric yellows with accents of warmer pinks and browns. Having an organic colour palette to compliment your living room or bedroom, is fast-becoming one of the most popular interior design trends this winter. Think fleshy toned, earthy jute, canvas, wood and oak. These colour shades not only compliment modern interior design features, but also provide warmth in the home setting.

A relaxed, neutral scheme can help create warmth and comfort in the home, with the help of home accessories such as thick woollen blankets and quilted throws and natural oak or laminate flooring. Wood is also an easy way to introduce a warm atmosphere into your space due to its resistance and its possibilities of combination with the colours in trend.

Interior Accessories and Home Comforts

Rugs have become increasingly popular in the last year or so and are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also provide many practical uses in the home, including being used to protect wooden, oak and laminate flooring from life-long scratches and damage.

Comforting layers of mossy greens and homely blues when it comes to furniture, textiles and accessories in the home is one of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere in the home. Many of us are now turning to blue sofas matched with yellow pillows, rugs and throws full of charm.

Industrial-style floor standing spotlights and retro table lamps are also a great addition to the home. With the introduction of advanced technology, you can now invest in Smart LED lightbulbs that can be controlled remotely either by app, or with a remote, with key colour changing and temperature changing features at the touch of a button.

Bringing Nature Inside

Nature interior design, also known as Biophilic interior design is the growing adoption of nature inspired by design in interiors and architecture. Many of us are now switching to all things green, and bringing the authenticity of the outdoors, indoors with hanging or freestanding potted plants, botanical rugs and cactuses which have the capacity to make eye-catching statements anywhere in the home. The house plant is here to stay and not just for the summer months, helping to create harmony and balance, without compromising on elegance and warmth in the home.

Creating an interior inspired by the natural outdoors can be uplifting and comforting, especially during the winter months as we experience little daylight and it becomes increasingly more difficult to spend time outside. Using natural plants and décor can help recreate an aspect of the forest, or jungle, especially bamboo, or wicket and adoption of synthetic materials such as cotton.

Wooden, Vinyl and Laminate Floors from Xylo Flooring

At Xylo Flooring we supply quality wooden, vinyl and laminate flooring which will compliment any interior design trend this winter and provide the perfect backdrop for your home setting. Our engineered flooring ranges from light oaks to deeper shades of browns and greys are the perfect addition to any modern interior space.

You can choose from a variety of different shades and patterns such as Belgravia Herringbone, Richmond Engineered and Islington. We work with house builders, developers, retail outlets and flooring contractors across the UK. To find out more and order a sample contact Xylo here.

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