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The Rise in Underfloor Heating

Now that the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are falling, having underfloor heating is an increasingly attractive proposition. Homeowners don’t want to feel a cold floor beneath their feet – which is why many are opting for underfloor heating.

Figures suggest that underfloor heating (UFH) now accounts for more than 6% of the UK heating market and the percentage is forecast to rise even further. So-called ‘wet’ UFH systems, which rely on heated water, are more popular than purely electric versions.

So why has its popularity increased so much in recent years? Xylo Flooring, who supply quality laminate and vinyl flooring solutions to the commercial sector, look at the reasons behind the rise.

It’s More of a Mainstream Option

Underfloor heating is now being used more in domestic projects than in commercial sector. This may be down in part to the rise in eco-friendly self-build projects, thanks the influence of TV series such as Grand Designs. UFH is also suitable for retrofitting to existing floors, which means it is an attractive option for homeowners who don’t want to move.

Developers and contractors also prefer this form of heating because it doesn’t take up any floor space, unlike more conventional alternatives such as radiators or night storage heaters. In a lot of new-builds and offices-to-flats conversions, space is at a premium.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

UFH is much more energy-efficient than radiators, which heat rooms to a much higher temperature and causes the warm air to rise. This leads to an uneven distribution of heat, and it makes the floor the coolest part of the room, which isn’t ideal in bedrooms or bathrooms where people often go barefoot.

Underfloor heating which uses water as a heat source (so-called ‘Wet UFH’) is estimated to be around 25% more efficient than radiators.

It’s a Smart Technology

UFH is fully programmable, which means you can heat certain rooms at certain times of the day to reflect their usage. For instance, you can turn it on in your home office during the day, in your lounge during the evening and in your kitchen or dining room at mealtimes. This means you have the potential to make substantial savings on your household energy bills.

Underfloor heating can also be used with ‘smart control’ technology so you can have one central hub which you can use to remotely turn on lighting, heating, music and security features.

It’s an Improvement on Carpets

Why not stick with carpets? UFH, used in conjunction with quality vinyl and laminate flooring, is a lot healthier as you don’t have to worry about a build-up of grime, dirt and dust which can cause problems for people with allergies or respiratory diseases. Vinyl or laminate surfaces effectively removes all these from circulation – and need a lot less ongoing cleaning and maintenance than a carpet.

Quality Vinyl and Laminate Flooring from Xylo Flooring

Xylo Flooring supply and install both vinyl and laminate flooring around the UK. Our customers include the commercial sector, including office and shopfitters, and the building trade. Our range of Dynamic Click vinyl flooring is suitable for any room in the house and any of these can be paired with underlay materials such as foam or cork.

Our laminate range includes Urban Click Urban Herringbone and our London Collection, in a range of styles and colours. Any of these products can be used with dense foam padding for a warm, comfortable surface.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, you can call us on 020 8368 8122 or email us at infouk@xyloflooring.com.

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