Appeal of Oak Hardwood Flooring

4 Reasons for the Appeal of Oak Hardwood Flooring

Popular since the 16th century, oak hardwood is still the most sought-after flooring for homes and businesses in the London area. The only difference is that products and techniques have changed over time. In the Tudor period, plush merchant homes had flagstones or brick tiles on the lower floors, with wide plank oak flooring laid on the upper floors, using traditional tools and crafts.

Fast forward 400 years and oak is still a firm favourite, with engineered oak flooring now a product of choice in homes throughout the UK. Today, modern techniques mean flooring is far quicker to install and customers have various colour, grade and finish options to add individuality to their home. With oak hardwood flooring as popular as ever, how has it stood the test of time?

Extremely Durable

Known of as one of the hardest woods there is, oak has long been the obvious choice for making items as diverse as furniture, boats, barrels and musical instruments. It is a lesser-known fact that it takes around 150 years for oak wood to be used in the manufacturing process; and, as well as being extremely strong, oak is resistant to fungal attacks and mould.


Oak flooring stands out for all the right reasons: it has beautiful colouring, is smooth to the touch, and has a distinctive grain that makes it so appealing. A timeless classic, it works well in contemporary and period properties, as it suits almost any style of décor, from new-build, industrial-style warehouse apartments to traditional office interiors.

Native to the UK

Compared to its more exotic counterparts, such as kingwood or wenge, oak is relatively easy to obtain. It is native to the UK and is the most common species of tree in the UK. It was even more plentiful in Tudor times, which is why it was such an obvious choice for construction in Europe over centuries. With such a long life-span, the oak tree has become an emblem of strength in the UK and even features on the 1987 pound coin.

Choice of colours

As there are several hundred species of oak, various colour options are available. At Xylo Flooring we have a wide range of colours to suit all interiors, from Chelsea Click, which is our lightest oak option, to our darkest, the Kensington 148. We also offer a range of finishes including lacquered, matt or satin oiled. To see the quality of our flooring at first hand, you can order samples from us direct by clicking on the link below.

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