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Which Interior Design Features Attract Home Buyers and Tenants?

If you are a property developer or restorer, or considering buying to let, you will be looking at which interior design features will attract people and make them want to move in. This is equally vital whether you are just renovating one or two houses or flats, inspired by TV shows like Homes Under the […]

July 22nd, 2019
Five Top Home Design Trends for 2019

6 Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Going green and helping the planet are increasingly seen as top priorities for every aspect of our lives, including interior design. Eco-friendly design is therefore one of the most important current trends in London and throughout the UK. However, it is not so much a trend as a permanent change in outlook, driven by a […]

June 26th, 2019

The Latest Kitchen Décor Trends: Stylish and Practical

For many households, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Over the years it has changed from simply being a room where meals are prepared and eaten, into a social meeting-place for the whole family – almost like having a second lounge. Here we look at five of the latest trends in kitchen interior […]

May 8th, 2019

Top Trends in Basement Design

Pressure of space on properties, particularly in London, mean that people are looking for innovative ways of maximising their living space. Many people have already used their attics as an extra room – now people are looking downstairs and using their basements. Here we look at how people are choosing to decorate this additional space. […]

April 10th, 2019