Dynamic is a 5mm vinyl plank produced using the respected Valinge 2G click system, that offers a fast installation with a very durable surface, which is both hygienic and easy to clean.

New Dynamic Click Vinyl flooring is suitable for all areas of the house and is covered by a lifetime warranty, and a 10-year medium commercial warranty.

(Please note when used in conjunction with a castor chair, XyloFlooring advises the use of a keyhole matt below the office desk)

Please download our Installation and Warranty guide.

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VLVT5431 - Sandhill Shabby Chique

VLVT6003 - Kiawah Smoked Oak

VLVT6013 - Augusta Dark Walnut

VLVT6031 - Sawgrass Limed Oak

VLVT6033 - Riviera Light Walnut

VLVT6045 - Cypress Oak

VLVT6046 - Muirfield Oak

VLVT6051- Valhalla Grey Oak

VLVT6311 - Pebble Beach Grey

VLVT7303-Spyglass Hill Ash Grey

VLVT7322 - Mid Ocean Grey

VLVT7323 - Winged Foot Grey

VLVT7501 - Valderrama Cork

VLVT7503 - Sunningdale Limed Grey