Fashionable or Timeless – Can Flooring be Both?

Fashionable or Timeless – Can Flooring be Both?

Choosing flooring, either for a commercial or domestic project, can be a tricky business. Most clients want something which ticks at least 5 boxes at the same time:

  1. Durable
    It has to be super durable – especially for a commercial space, but durability is also important for domestic living spaces too.
  2. Easy to Install
    It has to be easy and fast to install, to meet demanding deadlines, particularly for commercial flooring projects.
  3. Versatile
    It has to also create a good canvas for furnishings and decoration planned for the rest of the space. The choice of colour, texture and design needs to be versatile enough to work, not just in the current decorative scheme, but also future revamps. Flooring isn’t something your client will want to change every couple of years along with the paint colours and the cushions.
  4. Timeless
    It has to look timeless – as though it’s always been there and belongs perfectly in the space. This matters in period properties where the client wants to remain sympathetic to the age of the building. But it’s also an asset in new builds too, helping to add character to a modern space.
  5. Fashionable
    And…it has to be up to the minute and highly fashionable too. That means modern shades and finishes that will work with the most cutting edge decor.

All this is a lot to ask, so it’s no wonder designers and architects give their choice of flooring so much attention.

But is it really possible for flooring to tick all these boxes? In particular, how can flooring be both timeless and fashionable at the same time?

At Xylo Flooring we understand this conundrum only too well. In fact, we’ve built our business and our reputation on creating commercial quality flooring which meets these conflicting demands of designers and their clients. Our flooring is designed with the commercial market particularly in mind and is highly durable and easy to fit. But what we pay special attention to is staying ahead of the latest interior design trends while also retaining the classic appeal of a wood floor.

Here are just a couple of examples of our flooring to illustrate:

In this very modern space, using a wide plank rustic oak creates a sense of warmth and solidity, while also making a perfect base for a minimalist colour scheme and furniture.

Commercial Flooring by Xylo – Wide plank oak strip

By contrast, this interior has been fitted with our White Belgravia Herringbone, a traditional parquet design that has been brought up to date with a very contemporary pale colour that won’t go out of fashion. It creates a perfect bridge between the period detailing of walls and ceiling and the ultra modern furnishings.


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