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5 Top Interior Design Trends for Summer 2016

Are your clients asking for your advice on hot new interior design trends? A number of quirky and individual styles are in fashion this summer, taking in everything from wall coverings to furniture to flooring.

Xylo Flooring always keeps an eye on the changing face of interior décor. Here we look at some of the latest styles and colours which will be turning up the heat, whatever the weather.

  1. Back to Nature -With the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, there is a trend for interior design based on nature. This could include showcasing houseplants near the windows, including ferns and succulents. Green and floral décor and furnishings, or beiges and neutral shades, can add to the theme. Hardwood flooring is ideal for a naturally-themed room, while an alternative could be a laminate or vinyl with the look of wood.
  2. Metals and Metallic Fabrics – Many home owners are joining the gold rush, or giving their living space a touch of silver, copper or bronze. Metals and metallic tones of all kinds are in style for furnishings this summer, inspired by current trends in jewellery. Ways of adding some metal to a home range from metal accessories and table lamps to wall coverings in metallic colours.
  3. Typically Tropical – With the Olympics being held in Brazil, this has encouraged a trend for exotic interiors with a flavour of the rainforest. Bright and bold colours, ethnic fabrics and animal prints can all contribute to the look, together with furnishings made from bamboo. This is another style of décor where a wooden floor, such as one of the American Black Walnut flooring options from Xylo’s range, can complete the look.
  4. 70s Retro – The decade of glam rock and Abba is back in style, with a whirl of retro colours and fabrics. Colourful patterns, fringes and handicrafts are all part of this theme. Chairs and other items of furniture made from rattan, which was very popular in the 70s, are particularly fashionable at the moment. Light wood floors look good with rattan and contrast with the palette of bright colours.
  5. Upcycling – Tying in with the focus on nature and avoiding waste, another current trend is to customise and re-configure items. Handmade and creatively-reused items will give a distinctive quality to any living space. Painting or adapting an older item can give it a whole new lease of life. Again, wooden flooring will add to the authenticity and quirky quality of this type of furnishing style.

Whether a room is furnished in one of the styles above or in an eclectic mix of looks, choosing the right flooring is key. The flooring types that Xylo offers include oak, walnut and laminates and vinyl with the look of wood, which are all highly versatile and will go with a whole range of decorative styles.

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