5 Top Tips to Create a Rustic Interior Design

Even in the high-tech 21st century, the rustic style of interior design is of enduring popularity, and it is tipped to be even more in the spotlight during 2017. By contrast with minimalist design, artisan and rustic styles achieve a lived-in feel right away. This type of décor helps to emphasise the personal and individual, and is also easier to maintain than more glossy styling.

Vintage country farmhouse style, centred on oak and pine furnishings and rustic wood flooring, is not only popular in homes, but also in many businesses. Restaurants and cafes often opt for this type of look because it helps to create a relaxed ambience, which could encourage customers to linger a little longer and maybe order extra drinks, desserts or coffees. Here is a look at some of the best ways to create a rural-themed interior.

  1. Wooden Furniture – As a natural material with a feeling of warmth, wood is essential to a country-style look. Furniture made from reclaimed pine, oak or even driftwood can help to give character to a room, with older pieces having a deeper colour. There is scope to choose wood for everything from nightstands to cupboards, while dressers, shelves and wooden shutters at the windows can all add to the theme. Of course, some older interiors will also have wooden beams, which are always a feature attracting a lot of interest. Wood furniture can also be painted white or in another light colour for a different look.
  2. Rustic Flooring – Engineered rustic wood flooring can make an important contribution to a country-style interior. There are many different colours and styles of wood to choose from, including European oak flooring such as Xylo’s Mayfair Multilayer X-Treme. This range features Smoked Rustic, Cappuccino Rustic and Rustic Deep Grey options, all brushed and oiled. As an alternative way to create a similar look, Xylo’s high-quality, hard-wearing laminate and vinyl floor ranges also feature realistic wooden grain.
  3. Bamboo and Wicker – Bamboo, cane and wicker have long been popular for conservatory furniture, but now they are increasingly being brought into the house. Storage baskets made from basketwork are a feature of many homes, ranging from bread and herb baskets in the kitchen to clothes storage, while bathroom accessories made from bamboo are also in demand.
  4. Soft Colours – Delicate colour schemes can contribute to a country cottage or farmhouse feel. Soft paint shades from ranges such as Farrow and Ball are ideal, with subtle light greens, blues, greys and beiges all creating the perfect backdrop to set off wooden furniture and accessories.
  5. Plants and Florals – As part of a natural, rural theme, making full use of flowers and plants can bring a breath of fresh air to an interior. One chic idea is to fill retro-styled blue-and-white china vases with floral arrangements and stand them on wooden tables. Plants with striking dark green leaves can also bring colour and a touch of the great outdoors all year round. In addition to real or artificial plants, floral fabrics and flower-sprigged wallpapers will continue the theme and give a fresh country flavour.

Xylo Flooring works with customers including house developers and contractors, as well as retail outlets, offering a wide choice of quality flooring styles which will go perfectly with many different styles of décor. To locate your nearest Xylo stockist, follow the link.

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