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Taking Inspiration from Scandinavian Style

Have you ever wondered why Scandinavian interiors are so light and airy? Perhaps it is because the people of Scandinavia have to live in darkness during some parts of the year and need to be able to function even though it is completely dark outside. The Scandi approach has been incredibly popular for many years, and provides inspiration which can be used in interior designs for both homes and businesses.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are an essential part of the appeal for a minimalist Scandinavian-style interior. You will find that wooden flooring is now engineered from high-quality wood. Oak flooring is ideal as a neutral base and there are various light shades to choose from which feature beautiful grains. Alternatively, another practical option is to choose laminate or vinyl flooring with the look of wood, and at Xylo we have ranges of both.

White and Bright Furnishings

White and soft tones are an essential part of the Scandinavian look. As well as buying new furnishings, it’s also possible to use a quality furniture paint and change items such as shelving or chests and tables so that they look like new additions. One or two items of brightly coloured furnishings could also be chosen to create a contrast. For instance, a taupe coloured throw could be placed on a sofa and bright-coloured cushions could be added in the corners of each chair. Geometric patterned fabrics can also be used, or, in a kitchen design, brightly coloured stools at the breakfast bar will add a striking touch.

Light Up the Corners

Light is vital to a Scandi-style interior. Sidelights are one option, while dotting lamps around the room can also bring different tones of soft light. Lighting can be chrome, but white lampshades with wooden bases or pale grey tones look great too.

No Frills Design

If you are designing a minimalist room, then functional furnishings such as chests can be used to store clutter. Unfussy, practical items will create the right mood; for instance low, modern coffee tables and plain sofas or futons. Over-elaborate knick-knacks and ornaments won’t go with the look. Clean-lined furnishings will fit in much better than any showiness.

Eye-Catching Detail

The last part of changing your room to be in the Scandi tradition is to add a few oddments and unusual pieces to the room; perhaps a Nordic painting hung above the fireplace or a colourful crocheted blanket hung over the chair. Markets, stalls and second-hand stores are good hunting grounds to find items which will go well in this type of room.

Xylo Flooring provides a wide range of flooring styles which will go well with a Scandinavian look or any other type of interior design, and works with contractors and developers. To contact us, follow the link above.

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