Vinyl Flooring – Bathroom Decor Trends

Bathroom Decor Trends: Where Fashion Meets Practicality

Vinyl flooring has proven itself to be a reliable and practical choice for bathrooms for decades, but if you or your customers aspire to a stylish, statement bathroom, is it the most fashionable choice?

At Xylo Flooring our goal is provide all the practicality of vinyl flooring, but in contemporary designs that allow you to fully embrace the latest trends in bathroom decor. Our Dynamic Click range is designed to be durable and suitable for all areas of the home including bathrooms. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most up to date bathroom looks around right now, and some suggestions from the Dynamic Click range that can help to turn a bathroom into an oasis.

The Boutique Look

The overriding trend is to create the luxurious feel of a custom-designed, boutique hotel bathroom. As well as touches of opulence, the key element here is originality. For instance, you may have a fairly standard suite and white tiles, but you can add personality by including a few upmarket accessories – such as brass taps, unique art works, or decorative glass bottles for your toiletries.

If your budget allows, you can invest in unusual cabinetry, standalone baths or designer light fittings – but a few carefully placed (and eminently removable) mirrors, pictures or other objets, can also achieve the desired effect.
Flooring can range from supersized ceramic or slate tiles to classic wooden parquet or floorboards, just so long as the effect is luxurious like, perhaps, our exotic Kiawah Smoked Oak or our sumptuous Riviera Light Walnut.

Vinyl Flooring – Xylo Dynamic Click to Complement Bathroom Decor Trends

Vinyl Flooring – Xylo Dynamic Click to Complement Bathroom Decor Trends

Colour and Pattern

Say goodbye to relentless plain and neutral walls and tiling, instead go for injections of colour and pattern, from bold geometrics to chintzy florals, used as small accents to keep it minimalist, in large blocs to make a statement, or mixed together with different patterns for a more eclectic feel. For flooring, you can choose between something unobtrusive like our Pine Valley White as a foil to colour and detail on walls and tiling; or bring in interest to the floor itself, such as with our Sandhill Shabby Chique design.

Heritage Materials – A “Heritage” theme runs through most bathroom trends right now, meaning a wealth of traditional materials such as stone, wood, brass and copper, along with decorative touches that wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian drawing room, including bold wallpaper designs and strong colours. Wood is definitely “in” for flooring, cabinets and other features such as shelving, mirror frames and duckboards.

Along with textiles, wooden floors in the bathroom will make many homeowners nervous – so a high quality, realistic vinyl plank option will provide the desired look without having to worry about warping and water stains.

However, “Heritage” doesn’t have to mean full blown Edwardian. You can take the trend for traditional materials and go for a sleek modern look instead. This means opting for clean lines and simple shapes and a minimum of fuss, to let the materials do the talking.

The Dynamic Click vinyl flooring range includes a number of authentic looking wood effect styles ranging from the warm and traditional Muirfield Oak, to the cool and contemporary Valhalla Grey Oak. Alternatively, go in a different direction, but stay on the Heritage trend, with one of our Stone Effect options.

Dramatic Darks – One particular way to achieve a custom look and break a few bathroom design rules, is the trend for using black and other dark colours. This can be whole walls, individual cabinets or flooring, to help a bathroom feel more atmospheric.

Happily, dark flooring in a bathroom is a brilliantly practical choice, especially for family living. It’s also a great way to bring in the trend for darks while keeping the upper areas of the space light and bright. There’s lots of choice here, including our nearly black Waterville Dark Grey with a masculine slate effect, and our Kingsbarns Light Grey with a slightly softer charcoal look. Combine the dark trend with the wood and stone resurgence and choose our Augusta Dark Walnut, to achieve a dramatic yet natural look, or our Dark Grey Stone Effect.


Curtains, upholstered stools, even throw rugs are all part of creating that boutique feel, and go a long way to soften the typical “hard and shiny surface” approach of most bathrooms. You don’t need yards and yards of fabric – just a few touches here and there. And of course textiles are a great way to evoke a particular era of design history, to tie in with the Heritage trend: your choice of textiles can transport you to the Sixties, the Roaring Twenties or the Regency Period, to suit your tastes.

However, while textiles in bathrooms look great in decor magazines, many of us worry about the hygiene aspects. So how about an option that brings in the suggestion of textiles while being easy to keep clean? Try our Crystal Downs Grey Weave, or Bandon Downs Grey Weave flooring, for a hint of handwoven hessian or jute, but with all the practicality of vinyl.

View the full Dynamic Click vinyl flooring range here.

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