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Ways to Create a Classic Monochrome Interior

Design trends may come and go, but there are a few classic looks which have proved their staying power. One of these is monochrome. Using blacks and whites, often combined with delicate shades of grey, helps to make interiors look clean and ultra-modern. This type of decor gives a smooth, high-tech look and will go perfectly with items such as steel and glass furniture, as well as with both wood and laminate floors.

Stylish minimalism is often chosen in offices and other commercial premises, including restaurants. However, black and white can also work equally well in a domestic interior. Monochrome can be adapted and given a more relaxed note for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as being ideally suited to kitchens and dining areas. It has even become a popular trend in bathrooms, where there has been a trend to include some blacks and unusual metallic elements to set off the gleaming white.

Here are 4 top tips to help create an imaginative interior with all the drama and elegance of monochrome.


A single black feature wall has become an increasingly popular way of adding a daring touch to an interior design. A smaller wall is often the best choice for this, and the black can be broken up in various ways. These include hanging mounted prints or photos, which could also be in monochrome to continue the theme – classic film stills are ideal. If you feel that a black wall is too much, though, you could just pick out doors or skirting boards in black. The other walls can either be in pure white or white with a hint of colour, while another alternative is on-trend pale grey. An ombré wall is another stylish design option, utilising a colour gradient which moves from near-white at the top to a darker grey at the bottom.


The monochrome look can be made more or less stark by the choice of accessories to go with it, drawing on design inspiration from cultures as far apart as Japan and Scandinavia. Soft furnishings, such as cushions and rugs, will relieve any large blocks of black or white. You could choose black and white patterns or break things up with other colours – the trick here being to use colour sparingly, so that it creates a contrast with the monochrome rather than losing the look. A vividly patterned throw or a brightly-coloured vase can add interest and excitement. Plants and flowers will also help to soften a monochrome interior.


There are many different options for lighting which will enhance a black-and-white interior. White wall lights come in all kinds of different styles, including ultra-modern, curved fittings as well as more traditional options. Black light shades look striking, while brightly-coloured wall lights are another option which could work well. An uplighter can give a soft light which will add warmth to a room.


Many different styles of wood flooring will look good in this type of interior – for instance, the light and dark greys in Xylo’s Italian Flexible Plank Technology range, Milan/R110 and Milan/R106. A warmer wooden shade from Xylo’s oak and walnut ranges will also work well, adding a touch of colour. Laminate and vinyl flooring from our Urban Click and Dynamic Click ranges offer many more options to complete the look, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

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