The Appeal of Wide Plank Flooring

The versatility, convenience and stylishness offered by wide plank wooden flooring mean it is an increasingly attractive option in homes and businesses today.

Xylo Flooring now has a 240mm wide plank flooring option available, as the latest addition to our comprehensive range of high-quality products. The Islington range comes in Polar White and Natural Oak Oiled finishes, making it ideal to enhance all kinds of traditional and contemporary looks. It is also ideal for laying over underfloor heating. Once laid down, it is easy to maintain.

Here we look at the key factors which have contributed to the popularity of wide plank floors.

Suitable for a Range of Rooms
Wide plank flooring can be used to create different effects in rooms of varying sizes. It can make smaller rooms appear bigger, particularly if laid perpendicularly to the longest side. It can also create an impressive impact in a larger setting. And because they can achieve a variety of effects, they can be used in formal settings like dining rooms and in cosier rooms such as bedrooms and lounges.

Aesthetically Pleasing
This type of flooring uses a larger section of wood, giving it more character; you see more of the knots, whirls and grains on any given piece. Wide boards have typically been used to create a rustic look, which is why they often appear in farmhouses.

However, in more recent years they have also been used to create a contemporary feel to many domestic and commercial properties as well. If you choose a lighter finish, for example, then you will brighten up the room and the natural beauty of the wood wil be highlighted.

Wide planks can also create a clean, modern effect which is a good look for offices and any other rooms where you want a sleek, contemporary appearance. You can also use this flooring style with modern furniture and d├ęcor in lounges and bedrooms; the different styles will create a pleasing contrast and a very individual look.

Businesses and commercial premises are increasingly also finding that wide plank flooring is an attractive option. Because of the different knots and grains, no two planks are ever the same, which makes it easy for them to stand out. As well as being striking to look at, this flooring style is built to last.

Easy Installation
Wide planks take up more space than narrower ones, which will cut down on the time you spend installing it. This means the homeowner or developer will benefit too, while businesses will save money if the installation time is reduced.

Xylo Flooring supply high-quality hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring to the retail industry and the building trade. Follow the link above to get in touch with us.

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