Top Tips for Decorating Children’s Play Areas or Bedrooms

Children’s play areas and bedrooms can be one of the most difficult areas of the house to decorate. Developers can spend lots of time and money on colour schemes and decor, only to find crayon on the walls and a mess on the floor, while children’s tastes will often change as they grow older.

Xylo Flooring are specialists in supplying high-quality wooden flooring for domestic and commercial properties. Here we look at some of the latest design and décor trends for children’s bedrooms and play areas.

Get Artistic

A child’s artistic talents can flourish if special areas are created for them to express themselves. Blackboard paint can be used to create a feature wall for budding artists to draw on, while whiteboards offer a simple alternative for youngsters with plenty of pens.

Colourful stickers, 3D character box frames, bunting and wall letters can all be personalised. Imaginative wall art can be educational as well as eye-catching.

Create Plenty of Storage Space

Having enough storage space is vital for any bedroom or playroom. Younger children will need somewhere to put their toys, rather than cluttering up the floor, while older children will need somewhere to put their books once they start school.

Consider using furniture in unconventional ways. School locker-style cupboards rather than a simple chest of drawers will add an extra point of interest, particularly if they are painted in vivid colours. Travel trunks can be used to store toys as well as functioning as a bedside table or seating area. If the storage ideas are fun to use and look at, then it can also inspire children to tidy up after themselves.

Mix and Match the Colours

The primary colours of red, blue, green and yellow create an explosion of colour. It may be best to pick one as the dominant colour as too many can be a distraction; they also work well when combined with a simple white background.

More neutral shades, such as creams, beiges and greys, work well in play areas too, which is an advantage if a child’s tastes change over the years. They also create a more soothing environment for them to enjoy and sleep in. This can be offset with more brightly-coloured furniture and fittings if required.

Versatile, Durable Wooden Flooring

Although carpets are kinder to tiny feet, and are warmer underfoot, they do have some disadvantages. They may be more susceptible to damage, and can also be home to dust, germs and create problems for children with allergies. How many youngsters like having to have their bedroom or play area floor vacuumed on a regular basis?

Vinyl or laminate flooring are both stylish and low-maintenance alternatives, which will never go out of fashion. Vinyl flooring is soft enough for young children’s feet; it is also extremely durable. You can easily add other items to it, such as rugs, for some extra colour, and it is easy to install.

Laminate flooring is another alternative. Its timeless look means it need never go out of fashion and, like vinyl, is resistant to fading, scratches and dents, which can be important in the case of younger children.

Xylo Flooring supplies high-quality vinyl and laminate flooring. Our vinyl Dynamic Click selection can be used to create a variety of effects in either walnut, oak or stone. Our laminate Urban Click flooring ranges from the light, airy hues of the Diamond Creek, to the warmer, welcoming shades of the Avenel and the Carnoustie.

We keep plenty of stock in our London warehouses, so our customers in the building trade and commercial sectors know they can rely on us for a quick delivery. If you would like to know more about the wide range of quality wooden flooring supplied and installed by Xylo Flooring, follow the link.

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