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Why Vinyl or Laminate Flooring is Ideal for Commercial Premises

Businesses need to take care when choosing their floor; they may need to balance aesthetic considerations against practical ones, as the most luxurious of surfaces may not be the most durable – which can quickly eat into your running costs.

As leading suppliers of quality flooring to the commercial sector, Xylo knows that different surfaces are suited to specific applications. Here we look at what makes vinyl and laminate flooring particularly suited to different types of businesses.


While carpets add an air of luxury and comfort, you could easily end up spending a lot on replacements as and when they wear out. Offices tend to have a large footfall of employees, as well as visitors and carpets often become worn near doorways, corners of corridors and around desks.

Both laminate and vinyl flooring offer far greater durability than carpets; vinyl has better protection against food and liquid spillages so may be better in areas like the staff canteen; also, laminate can be quite a noisy surface if staff need to work in a comparatively quiet office.


However hard you try to avoid it, in restaurants and cafés there will always be the risk of drinks or food being spilt, so a surface that quick and easy to clean is essential.

What type of hard flooring people opt for may depend on the type of restaurant they are operating. Laminate is usually closer to natural wood in appearance and offers a more traditional feel. However, vinyl flooring offers a cleaner, more contemporary appearance and, perhaps crucially, offers greater protection against moisture.


Laminate flooring may be best the best solution for a shop because of the high footfall. Laminate flooring is extremely hardwearing, and its colour will not fade in direct sunlight. It is not likely to be scratched or stained either, which could be an important factor depending on the nature of the type of product being being sold in the shop.

Laminate flooring provides the clean appearance of hardwood but for a fraction of the cost. Both laminate and vinyl flooring can provide a stylish look, so which one you opt for may depend on the atmosphere you are trying to achieve in your shop.

A Healthy Option

Vinyl flooring is ideal for use in private (and public) healthcare settings and also certain areas of gyms and fitness suites. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, which is essential in areas where hygiene is essential.

Of course, carpets may be more comfortable to walk on, but they require more intensive cleaning and are easier for germs, bacteria and damp to take up residence in. Vinyl also helps cut the risk of falls, which elderly, infirm patients or residents might be more vulnerable to.

How Xylo Flooring Can Help

Xylo have a wide range of both laminate and vinyl flooring available for many different commercial locations. Our Dynamic Click range of vinyl flooring comes in a range of shades and effects, including stone, light or dark grey and light or dark walnut. It also comes with a 10-year warranty for commercial use.

Our Urban Click range of laminates has a five-year warranty for use as commercial flooring and includes a range of shades from lighter hues such as Sugarloaf and Diamond Creek, to the darker, richer tones of our Carnoustie and Hazeltine varieties.

Xylo Flooring has been supplying vinyl and laminate flooring to the retail industry and the building trade for almost two decades. Follow the link above to get in touch. We always keep our London warehouses well stocked, so we can meet your order quickly and efficiently.

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