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What Fixtures and Fittings go best with Quality Wooden Flooring?

Quality wooden flooring is an increasingly popular choice in homes and businesses today – it is extremely hardwearing and versatile, and it offers many advantages over alternatives such as carpets and tiles. But what types of furniture, fixtures and fittings complement it best?

Xylo Flooring is a leading supplier of quality floors to the retail industry and building trade. Here we look at which types of furniture, fixtures and fittings go best with laminate, wooden and vinyl flooring.

Wooden Floors

With wooden floors, the key phrase is ‘going with the grade’. This means opting for similar furniture to emphasise the character of the wood, and any surface markings, such as knots that it has. For example, some suitably rustic tables, chairs and cupboards, particularly in the kitchen, make the perfect partner for Xylo’s oak or walnut range of quality wooden flooring.

However, this approach may not always work. If you have too many wooden surfaces up against one another – and particularly dark-coloured varieties – then this can be quite heavy on the eye. In lounges and bedrooms, this can be avoided with brightly-coloured rugs and cushions, preferably in the same themed colour to give the room a co-ordinated look.

Laminate Flooring

In the case of laminate flooring, the key is to match the undertones of the flooring colour. So with a paler-coloured floor, such as the Diamond Creek in our Urban Click range of laminate flooring, then try to avoid accessories which are too bright. Instead, buy ones which are a subtler or darker shade of the floor’s basic colour. And don’t try to match white flooring and furniture, as the overall effect can be too clinical.

Laminate floors which have a warmer colour, such as a rich brown, tend to have undertones of yellow or orange. Sticking to similar colours for the rest of the room, such as red, will work well. However, if the intention is to create a more modern living space, then try using a more contemporary colour, such as blue, for the furniture and walls.

Vinyl Flooring

Like laminate, vinyl is a hard-wearing and versatile surface, which is suitable for most rooms in a house. It is also ideal for commercial locations with a high footfall, such as shops and restaurants. At Xylo, we have created a wide range of quality vinyl flooring in our Dynamic Click range which will suit any location.

For instance, with our Sandhill Shabby Chique option is designed to work well with the style of the same name – an unusual mixture of antique furniture, pastel and floral colours. Neutral greys mean you effectively have a blank canvas, where any colour can work well.

Quality Flooring from Xylo

The real beauty of quality wooden flooring is that you can create a completely individual look. Whatever design effect you want to create, Xylo Flooring can help you create it with our wide range of quality laminate, vinyl and wooden flooring options. Follow the link above to find the location of your nearest Xylo stockist.

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