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Top Tips for Looking After Vinyl, Laminate or Wooden Floors

One of the great advantages of hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring is that they all require comparatively little maintenance, unlike other surfaces which can easily harbour all sorts of grime and dust.

However, even these surfaces do need some care and attention to keep them in top condition. As leading suppliers of quality flooring to the trade and retail sectors, at Xylo Flooring we know all about keeping floors in pristine condition. Here is our surface-by-surface guide to keeping them clean.

Laminate Flooring

You should advise users not to employ a wet mop to remove any dirt, as this could damage the surface. For regular cleaning, laminate flooring should be swept with a soft broom, or vacuumed, ideally using a hard floor attachment. Take care with stones and gravel, as these can easily scratch the surface. Wearing shoes with a smooth sole, or slippers, may be a safer option than hard heels.

For more severe problems such as muddy dog paw prints or liquid spillages, a damp cloth should be used. Any left-over moisture can be wiped up with a dry one immediately afterwards. We don’t recommend using anything with an abrasive surface, such as a scourer, as this can also lead to unsightly scratches. For more stubborn substances, such as candle wax or chewing gum, try removing it with a plastic scraper.

Vinyl Flooring

The advice for keeping vinyl flooring looking great is similar to that for laminate floors. Advise owners to use a broom or brush to remove any dirt or dust, and don’t let it touch any other abrasive surfaces.

Any spilt liquids will just sit on the surface and will damage the vinyl flooring over time. These should be removed with a damp cloth or well wrung-out mop and allowed to dry before people walk on the surface again. Stains can be removed with warm water or a light soap solution, while bicarbonate of soda may come in handy against tougher marks.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood can warp when exposed to liquid or moisture, so make sure any spills are quickly cleaned up with a damp mop. We would recommend lifting furniture to move it, to avoid scraping it along the floor, and using floor protectors such as felt furniture tips. Door mats will also absorb a lot of dirt and stones from footwear, before they can do any damage. A broom or a brush should take care of anything that does get through.

If your hardwood flooring has a lacquered finish, then all it will need is an occasional sweep with a soft broom, or a wipe-down with a moist cloth or mop. Note that scratches are much harder to deal with on a lacquered surface than one with an oil finish. With the former, it is difficult to make localised repairs, whereas with the latter all you need to do is lightly sand the affected area and apply some of the original oil. The oil also provides protection against dirt and spills.

Care and Maintenance Products from Xylo Flooring

With Xylo Flooring, you can be guaranteed that you will be installing a long-lasting surface which will stand the test of time. Our range of quality wooden, vinyl and laminate flooring are all made to the highest of standards, and they come with warranties for both commercial and domestic use.

To help look after floors after they have been installed, we stock a wide range of Osmo cleaning products. These include floor protectors, waxes, oils and repair kits. One product we supply is their wash and care maintenance kit, to help with regular cleaning. Xylo can also supply Osmo’s DIY repair kit, which contains six coloured wax fillers. These can be mixed to match the original colour of the floor.

If you would like to learn more about Xylo’s range of flooring and accessories, call us on 020 8368 8122 or contact us at infouk@xyloflooring.com.

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