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Which Interior Design Features Attract Home Buyers and Tenants?

If you are a property developer or restorer, or considering buying to let, you will be looking at which interior design features will attract people and make them want to move in.

This is equally vital whether you are just renovating one or two houses or flats, inspired by TV shows like Homes Under the Hammer, or are working on a whole new development and fitting out show homes. Here is a look at some key elements which can help to tempt prospective buyers or tenants and get them excited about a property.

Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms – The kitchen is well-known to be one of the most important rooms in a house. The quality of fittings is something that will attract many buyers, and one recent survey by an online estate agent found that granite worktops were extremely highly rated.

Metals, including brass and gold as well as stainless steel, are also in-demand materials, along with quartz and marble, because of their strong, contemporary look. But, above all, property viewers will look for clean lines and plenty of worktop space. A modern bathroom is also something that can help to persuade a prospective buyer, with freestanding baths being a current popular feature – while outmoded avocado bathroom suites are the opposite.

Contemporary Flooring – As well as granite worktops, the estate agent’s survey found that laminate flooring was an element which is in demand from home buyers. It appeals because of its combination of good looks and practicality.

Quality wooden flooring is also very on-trend, as part of a focus on using more natural materials in home design. But several surveys have shown that heavily patterned carpets are one of the elements which buyers find most off-putting.

Conservatories – It has been estimated that adding a conservatory to a home can lift the selling price of a house by around 5%, with buyers being attracted by the extra space and light. However, design experts say it is important that the conservatory looks contemporary and is constructed from quality materials. It should also blend in well with the overall look of the property.

Attractive Décor – As with patterned carpets, outdated or eccentric paint and wallpaper styles can put off prospective buyers or tenants. Going for a neutral look is safer, but without being too bland. Buyers or tenants need to be able to imagine themselves living there, and to be tempted by the look, but without being put off by a style which is dramatically different from what they would choose themselves.

White walls make a home appear light but can sometimes look too clinical. However, “warm neutrals”, such as brown-based tones and woody shades, have become increasingly popular in 2019, and are now rivalling grey, which has been popular for several years now. Not all walls need to be neutral, though, and some show homes do include colourful feature walls for added inspiration.

Show-home décor also ideally includes accessories to enhance every room, without making it feel cluttered, such as carefully chosen vases, ornaments and floral displays. This is an idea which can be borrowed for other properties that are on the market.

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