Christmas Decoration Ideas: Ways to Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Christmas is a very magical time of year and is now fast approaching us in 2019. A chance to celebrate with loved ones, decorate the home in style and light up the Christmas tree! There are many Christmas decoration trends to consider in 2019, including budget-friendly themes, nature-inspired décor and more.

For many interior designers and stylists, part of the magic is in the delightful smells and tastes, colours and lights produced by the season in the home, from the smell of mystic candles burning bright, to the distinct colours and textures of reds and greens, to heighten the festive mood.

Decorating your home this Christmas doesn’t have to be costly and can be incorporated into your interior design to use all year-round.

Create a Woodland-Inspired Theme

An icy woodland-inspired theme will give your home that natural, festive look. Dress up your interior with foliage from your garden and use natural materials for added rustic charm. You can do this by simply going on the hunt for some pinecones, greenery, nuts and berries from outdoors and create your own holly wreaths and Christmas home décor set to impress.

You may also be tempted to make long-term alternations to the look and feel of your home, if the woodland-inspired theme is a success. If so, now may be the chance to change the look of your floor, to a luxury oak, laminate or vinyl flooring. This will transform your home aesthetic, making it look effortless, not just at Christmas but for the new year, in 2020!

Take Advantage of Winter Colour Palettes

On trend right now is a winter colour palette of icy blues and snowy whites which seem to go down a treat in the home. Bringing cool tones to the festive season including frosted blues, give any home that winter wonderland feeling and pairs well with mercury glass and hints of glitter, to make your home feel Christmas-ready.

Blue is a diverse colour that adds warmth and richness to the home, from midnight skies, to icy aquamarines that will compliment the traditional golds and silvers. Christmas in 2019 also sees a popular interior design colour mix of dusky pinks as a softer alternative to red and a warmer one to white, which goes very well with grey furniture, or décor.

Use Christmas Presents as Décor

Why not show off all the time you spend wrapping gifts to perfection by lining them up on your staircase, for all to see and not just under the Christmas tree. Make sure you hang up plenty of stockings too around the house especially in the living room, where they can rest nicely on the mantelpiece.

Get Christmas ready and let the countdown begin by adding fun and festive touches to your home and wrapping up those presents early, with different styles of wrapping or recycled paper, bows, tags and reusable stockings. The colour tone will not only reflect in the way you choose to decorate and design your interior, but also in the type of wrapping paper you use. Will you go for stripes, geometric patterns, plain coloured wrapping paper, or the traditional Christmas-themed wrapping paper? Make sure you have some extra scraps of fabric, ribbon and confetti to hand for those extra-special touches.

Decorate with Festive Cushions and Throws

Don’t forget to dress up the sofa and beds with cushions and throws that help spread the festive cheer. A mix of plaid, or traditional style fairisle designs may be a good place to start! Layering up with cosy woollen blankets and throws will allow you and your guests to snuggle up on the sofa during those cold winter nights and will effortlessly co-ordinate with your Christmas design theme.

Give your living room space the traditional Christmas treatment and opt for a classic red and green colour scheme, complete with a real Christmas tree, green matt paint, red berry wreaths and Christmas-themed cushions and throws for the ultimate festive look. This will add the finishing touches to your interior this Christmas, making it feel warm, cosy and ready for the festive season.

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