How to Bring the New Nordic Look to Your Home

One of this year’s key interior design trends is New Nordic, the earthier and cosier follow-up to Scandinavian minimalism. Wood is an essential element of the New Nordic look and Xylo Flooring’s range of quality wooden flooring can be used to create an inviting and atmospheric New Nordic feel. Here, we explain all you need to know to bring this style to your home.

The Evolution of New Nordic Design

Scandinavian design has long been epitomised by white walls, wood floors, modern furniture. Carl Larsson, the Swedish artist, helped to popularise a Scandinavian style influenced by his country’s weather. As an antidote to the long dark winters, Larsson’s aesthetic focused on adding as much light as possible in the home. Walls, furniture and floors were painted or stained in light colours to reflect light.

While very stylish, the popularity of hygge (a Danish and Norwegian word) in recent years revealed a desire for more cosiness and softness The New Nordic incorporates many of the elements of traditional Scandinavian design while adding a generous dose of earthy cosiness as well as a hint of Nordic Noir.

Nordic Drama

While certainly homely, the New Nordic aesthetic embraces a passion for the darker side of life as well as the light. You can create a Nordic atmosphere by adding some dark accents to your home. Paint one wall deep blue or green, or add some statement furniture in dark, dramatic colours.

Don’t overdo it, though – keep your colour palette simple. Combine splashes of dark colours with softer hues in soft furnishings. And where possible, opt for the colours of nature – the inky blue of dark skies, the green of leaves, the browns of the earth, plus creams and beiges.

Clever Storage

While cosy or “hyyge” soft furnishings play an important part in creating the New Nordic look, clutter definitely does not! Hide uninspiring items in cabinets or rattan storage baskets. Vases, pot plants and candles, meanwhile, create focal points on natural wood shelves.

Quality Materials

Quality, long-lasting materials and pieces are fundamental to the New Nordic ethos. Again, the aesthetic is inspired by nature – think wood, rattan, aged leather, wool, sheepskin, earthenware and candles. Grow leafy house plants, cacti and succulents in ceramic pots or wood planters. Soft furnishings and accessories provide texture and warmth.

While wood was often painted in more traditional Scandinavian design, natural finishes are prominent in New Nordic design. For flooring, opt for light and natural tones to contrast with the darker colours elsewhere.

Wooden, Vinyl and Laminate Floors from Xylo Flooring

Xylo Flooring’s ranges of quality wooden flooring are perfect for creating a New Nordic look, and we have vinyl and laminate options which also fit the look. Our light and natural tones work flawlessly with this style’s earthy, authentic style for an effortlessly stylish result.

If you would like to know more about our flooring, which we supply to the building trade and to retailers, you can call us on 020 8368 8122 or get in touch via our contact page.

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