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Top New Trends in Bathroom Interiors

Property developers and restorers need to be at the cutting edge when it comes to incorporating all the latest trends into their work – and that means the bathroom as much as any other room in the home.

Here Xylo Flooring, who supply quality wooden, laminate and vinyl flooring to the building trade, retailers and contractors, look at some of the key new developments in bathroom interior design.

A Touch of Brass

Brass is now one of the on-trend finishes to any bathroom fixtures and fittings. Taps, shower heads, mirrors, and lights all benefit from touches of this warm metal, which also has the also add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. It is also extremely long-lasting and will keep any fingerprints well hidden.

Tech It Out

The Japanese have been leading the way when it comes to installing high-tech appliances in every part of the home, and there is every sign that this trend will be exported to this country.

So, just as kitchens can have smart fridges and freezers, so homeowners can enjoy smart showers in the bathroom. These can be started remotely, so the water is nice and hot as soon whenever the owner wants. Another high-tech feature are heated toilet seats, which can open and shut automatically.

And many people like to be able to control their environment while enjoying a long soak in the bath. Built-in flat screen technology allows them to watch TV, while smart heating and lighting can be voice-controlled so you still don’t need to get up and flick a switch.

Black to the Future

Black is overtaking grey as one of the must-have colours in the modern bathroom. It really makes a design statement, as it is cool, sophisticated and highly desirable. Black can be used as the dominant colour, and it will fit with any style of bathroom – but particularly those which use a lot of modern technology.

Alternatively, black can be used in partnership with a traditional white to create a stunning monochrome bathroom. Black and white tiles or wallpaper are particularly eye-catching.

Quality Vinyl Flooring

While bare feet may welcome the warmth of a fitted carpet, it’s not really a practical proposition for any room where there’s a lot of water about. Water-damaged carpets can lead to mould and mildew, which in turn can cause an allergic reaction – particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition. And high-quality wooden floors which frequently get wet are more likely to suffer from warping and water stains.

So a quality vinyl flooring is another trend which is likely to prove popular as we enter a new decade. Water won’t soak through and damage it, and cork or foam can be used as an underlay, providing a warmer, padded surface.

What Styles are Best?

Whatever style is used in the bathroom, Xylo Flooring has the colour or shade to complement it thanks to our stylish Dynamic Click range of vinyl flooring. If, for instance, black is the dominant colour, then we would recommend either the Waterville Dark Grey or our Kingsbarns Light Grey options.

If the bathroom has gone high-tech, then our Valhalla Grey Oak, above left, will help add to the bathroom’s clean, contemporary look. And the rich tones of either the Muirfield Oak, above right, or Cypress Oak will match any brass fittings which have been installed. To see our full Dynamic Click range, simply follow this link.

Quality Floor Solutions from Xylo Flooring

As well as vinyl, Xylo also provides a wide range of quality laminate and wooden flooring to the retail sector and the building trade. We are still operating and delivering to our clients during the coronavirus lockdown. If you would like to find a recommended Xylo stockist in your area, please email us at

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