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Which Type of Flooring is Best for Dining Rooms?

Modern dining rooms are far more than just places for eating. They can also serve as a place to socialise and entertain family or friends, as a home office, or even as a kids’ playroom. However, because food and drink will invariably get spilt, carpets are not a sensible option unless your clients are prepared to spend a lot of time and money cleaning them – or in a worst-case scenario, replacing them.

Here Xylo Flooring, who supply quality wooden, laminate and vinyl flooring to the retail sector and building trade, look at some of the alternatives.

Solid and Engineered Wooden Floors

These types of floors work especially well in traditional farmhouse and country-style homes, as well as older cottages with exposed wooden beams. This is because the floors can be used to match the existing wood in the room, either in the structure or in the furniture.

It is important to avoid using a solid wood floor if underfloor heating is already installed because the wood will not be able to cope with the big variations in temperature, and will deteriorate very quickly.

In such cases, it is better to use engineered wooden floors because they are better able to handle the changes in temperature without incurring damage. Xylo’s engineered wooden flooring includes Richmond Rustic Oak, which comes in either oiled or lacquered finishes.

Both of these options are very hardwearing and ensure that the surface is unlikely to be scratched or damaged, making it an extremely long-lasting and cost-efffective investment.


Laminate floors, like engineered wooden flooring, can be used in a room where underfloor heating is already installed. Not only will the laminate not be damaged by the temperature differences, but because it doesn’t retain heat, the floor will never get too hot underfoot.

The wood effect of laminate is also good for those looking to create a more formal or classic feel to there dining room, while cutting costs. Moreover, laminate floors are incredibly versatile and can be used to create a contemporary feel – Xylo’s Rose or White Washed Oak in our London Collection are perfect for this purpose.


However, there are still some design styles where vinyl is a more appropriate choice, even if it doesn’t have the same wooden element.

There are two main reasons restaurant owners prefer to to use vinyl instead of laminate flooring. The first is that vinyl can handle very high footfall, meaning that it will be very long-lasting in a commercial dining room. And secondly, it provides better protection against moisture and the potential damage that may cause.

Vinyl floors are also good for those looking to create a more contemporary ‘shabby chic’ dining room. Xylo’s Sandhill option has a distressed appearance that fits perfectly with this feel. This kind of contemporary look is another reason why vinyl floors are popular in restaurants.

Vinyl flooring can also be used by those looking for a more industrial-type floor that spreads out of the kitchen and into the dining room. The metallic colours of our Pebble Beach Grey option, which can be found in our Dynamic Click range of vinyl flooring, are a perfect illustration of this.

Quality Dining Room Flooring from Xylo Flooring

Xylo Flooring supply a wide range of high-quality wooden, vinyl and laminate flooring to homes, shops and offices all across the UK. We work with developers, businesses and interior designers to provide flooring which matches their particular needs.

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