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2021’s Top Interior Design Trends

2020 brought a whole new focus on how our homes are designed and decorated, all because so many of us were spending more time at home. But what about the next 12 months?

Here Xylo Flooring, who supply high-quality vinyl, laminate and engineered wooden flooring to developers, builders and the retail sector, gaze into the crystal ball to predict the trends that are likely to prove popular in 2021.

De-Luxe Entertainment (and Education)

With cinemas and other forms of entertainment having been largley closed for the past year, people have become much more reliant on their TV sets as a form of entertainment. As a result, there has been a huge surge in the use of streaming services, and many of the large blockbusters have been released straight to these platforms.

All of this means bigger TVs and more comfortable seating to recreate the big screen experience. And the demand for a top-quality viewing experience has also been driven by the need to learn at home in the most effective environment possible – for instance, the BBC has also been broadcasting programmes for those who are homeschooling.

Earthy, Natural Colours Rule

Warm neutral colours are expected to reign supreme in 2021. This means that natural greens will be a popular choice because they echo the soothing effects of nature.

Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021 is Brave Ground, an earthy shade which pairs well with any other palettes you choose to use (for fixtures and fittings). Beiges and marine blues are also likely to be on-trend. The former because its neutral, and the latter because it is again a reminder of nature, this time being the sea.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Many interior designers are predicting that this move towards a more natural look will be taken one step further with an increased use of house plants and other greenery.

These plants not just being distinctive additions to the home décor, but a boost to health by improving the internal air quality of the home. Varieties of plants to consider include cacti and other succulents that don’t need much water, or for additional colour, try species such as begonias.

Flexible Spaces – But Not Open Plan

The pandemic has placed a lot more demands on the spaces in our homes, particularly for working from home and homeschooling. For this reason, there will be an emphasis in 2021 on reconfiguring spaces to make them more versatile. So you can expect to see end to open plan rooms, particularly the lounge. However, this principle also applies to the kitchen and dining room.

You can’t work, or be educated from home, if there isn’t enough privacy or there is too much noise from elsewhere in the same room or another part of the house. This is why there will likely be a lot more use of partitions, doors, and curtains to create the added privacy necessary.

Wooden Flooring

Another trend likely to prove popular in 2021 is engineered wooden flooring. This stylish and distinctive look will cope well with all the extra use it will get from family members working and studying from home.

Xylo supply engineered wooden flooring with either a click or tongue and groove system in a variety of colour and grade options. Alternatively, we offer a range of vinyl and laminate options which are also hardwearing and stylish.

If you would like to know more about our range of vinyl, laminate and engineered wooden flooring, you can find the nearest stockist in your area by emailing sales@xyloflooring.com. Or contact us directly by clicking on this link.

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