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Four Easy Ways of Protecting Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one of the most stylish and durable of all floor coverings – but a little love and affection will ensure that it will stay looking beautiful for years to come. Xylo Flooring are one of the leading UK suppliers of laminate flooring to developers, restaurants and the retail trade. Here are our four top tips to keep your laminate looking good.

Fitting Furniture Pads

Sometimes large items of furniture need to be moved, either because of personal choice – householders might fancy an alternative arrangement of the furniture in your lounge – or due to necessity. Small items, including cash and children’s toys, seem to have an unerring knack of falling under sofas and the only way of retrieving them is to move the furniture’s legs backwards or forwards. Chairs can easily be scraped on the surface of the laminate, particularly when sitting down and getting up from the dining table.

In all these cases, it’s easy for the legs of the furniture to leave scuff marks. To protect the laminate, try sticking some felt to the underside of the chair legs with adhesive. Small pieces of spare carpet, rubber or plastic placed underneath the legs also offer a good ‘rough and ready’ solution.

For a more professional solution, special coasters can also be purchased from many hardware stores – these typically have felt or plastic undersides which also won’t damage the laminate.

Even if the furniture does have some protective pads fitted, where possible the legs should be lifted rather than dragged across the floor.

Laying Down a Rug (or Two)

A colourful rug is a good idea if the bedroom has laminate flooring; it will ensure bare feet don’t get too cold, unless underfloor heating is already installed. Rugs not only bring some warmth and decoration to your flooring but can also help keep it safe from furniture scratches – like a big pad.

One of the biggest threats to laminate is the grit and grime which people regularly bring in from the outside via the soles of their shoes. Rugs are particularly useful in areas of high footfall, such as any hallways or corridors which are close to exits and entrances.

Regular Cleaning

A regular sweep with a brush and dustpan is another way of ensuring that laminate floors are kept clear of dirt and grime. If you prefer to use a mechanical cleaner, then a canister vacuum is better than an upright model, as most of these will have hard floor attachments which are specially designed for this type of surface.

Limiting Excess Moisture

The surface of the laminate should be mopped around one a month, but be sure that any mop you use isn’t too wet. Any excess moisture could easily seep through the cracks in the surface and make the laminate expand and contract, potentially warping the flooring over a long period of time. For the same reason, if any liquid is accidentally spilled on the laminate ensure it is cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Laminate Flooring from Xylo Flooring

Xylo’s laminate flooring is available in our London and Urban Herringbone collections. Each comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, such as the Vivaldi Oak (pictured above left) and White Washed Oak (above right) and has a lifetime warranty for use in domestic properties and a five-year warranty for commercial use. We also supply a selection of OSMO maintenance products which are designed to keep laminate surfaces in tip-top condition.

If you would like to know more, you can find out the nearest Xylo Flooring supplier in your area by emailing us at sales@xyloflooring.com. You can also call us on 020 8368 8122.

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