Top Tips for Sprucing up Your Home for Autumn

Whichever way you look at it, autumn is finally here. If you are taking a meteorological view, then autumn began on September 1. However, from an astronomical perspective, summer was only finally over on September 22. Either way, you’ll soon notice the difference in and around the home as the temperatures begin to fall.

Here Xylo Flooring, who provide quality laminate, vinyl and wooden flooring for homes and businesses across the UK, look at a few simple, inexpensive steps you can take to refresh your home as the nights start drawing in.

Go Back to Nature

While it may not be peak growing season outside, there are still some natural, wildlife-friendly touches that you can add to your home.

Tall dried grasses and mohair cushions will provide a layered, texture-rich look. A look that could be completed with some quality wooden, laminate or vinyl flooring in colours that match the autumnal feel outside – all of which Xylo Flooring supply.

Our natural oak flooring, in particular, has lots of shades that will match this ‘back to nature’ vibe, such as the Oak Rustic Lacquered Wood (below left) and the Dark Walnut stained oak wood (below right) in our Victoria collection.

Improve the Aroma

Now that it might be too cold to open all the doors and windows, you can improve the aroma inside your home with some scented candles. It doesn’t have to be candles, potpourri will do just as well. Oranges, juniper berries, cinnamon, vanilla and rosehip all make great additions to any potpourri and will make your house smell wonderful.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you don’t want to go for a full redecoration (or you don’t have time), then there are one or two practical solutions that don’t take as long. For example, placing your home office desk near the window and adding one or two lamps for any evening tasks you haven’t been able to complete during the day will improve the lighting and enable you to work for longer. You can also switch your armchairs and sofas around, if you have the space, to give everything in your lounge a whole new look and feel.

Add Some Cushions, Rugs and Throws

Adding new cushions and throws, or even chunky woollen blankets, to your sofa, armchair or bed can really transform the space (and provide something warm to cuddle up to). You can either opt for autumnal-themed soft furnishings or go with brighter colours to offset the drabness outside. And, instead of buying new cushions, just invest in cushion covers so you can easily and quickly switch up the look.

Rugs will also be particularly effective if you already have (or are thinking of having installed) wooden, laminate or vinyl flooring because they will prevent your bare feet from becoming too cold, particularly in bedrooms.

Don’t Forget to Declutter

Getting rid of things you don’t want orneed will provide a big uplift as the days get shorter and the nights longer. According to The KonMari method, you should gather all of your belongings, one category at a time (such as your clothing first, then books, and so on). Have a good look at them and only keep those things that “spark joy” and choosing a place for everything from then on. The main idea is to sort through your belongings and remove everything which doesn’t bring you joy. Just by questioning the need for your possessions in this way makes it much easier for you to get rid of them.

And, of course, decluttering your home will also free up space, breathing new life into the rooms of your home.

Contacting Xylo Flooring

Xylo Flooring supply quality wooden flooring to interior designers, builders, developers and the retail trade. If you need to find out the name and address of your nearest Xylo stockist, email us at Alternatively, you give us a call on 020 8368 8122.

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