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Top Tips for Practical and Stylish Home Heating

One of the biggest drivers in home décor trends over the past few months has been the need to keep warm in a cost-efficient manner. Here Xylo Flooring, who supply quality wooden flooring to interior designers, house developers and the retail trade, provide some top home heating tips.

Reposition the Furniture

If you have the heating on, then you want to make sure you feel as much of the benefit as possible. The trick is to design your room in such a way that the radiators (or whatever heat source you have) aren’t blocked, so that there is enough space for the warm air to circulate effectively around the room. You also shouldn’t be sitting or lying down too far away from the source of the warmth and try to avoid being too close to any doors or windows.

Seal All Doors and Windows

Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss in any home; at least 10% of a home’s warm air escapes through them, according to some estimates. Self-adhesive foam tape can be fitted to most windows. There may also be cracks between the frame and the wall which can be filled with putty or other sealants.

With doors, fit draught-proofing strips between the door and the frame. This can work for both internal and external doors. For gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor, you can buy a special ‘brush’ or hinged-flap draught excluder. A simple plush excluder can also be placed in front of the door to reduce the breeze between rooms, or you could opt for a novelty design.

Don’t forget the letter box either; nowadays you can buy draught excluders to fit around these too.

Let There be Light – and Warmth

Candles will add a certain amount of warmth to a room (although not enough to heat it on its own). However, you will feel more warmth if you group them together on your coffee table or your fireplace if it isn’t being used. They also act as a stylish indoor accessory on their own; scented varieties can also add to the mood of a room.

Layer Up Well

This doesn’t mean wearing an extra layer or two of clothing (although that can help). It’s more about creating a homely ambience with plenty of rugs, throws and blankets which provide extra insulation in a bedroom or living room. They should ensure you don’t need to turn the thermostat up too much either.

Consider Your Curtains

These days you can also purchase thermal-lined curtains, which give an added layer of protection. Something that is particularly useful if you only have single-glazed windows. If these aren’t within your budget, then go for a thicker material such as velvet. Wool is another option, although it can be more difficult to wash.

It can be tempting to keep your curtains closed all day in the winter, but it’s best to leave them open until at least 3 pm because natural light and sunlight have plenty of health benefits (including lifting your mood). Provided your windows are properly sealed you shouldn’t get too cold.

Install Underfloor Heating

Another way of avoiding turning on the radiators or starting a fire is to have an alternative heat source such as underfloor heating (UFH). This provides warmth where it is most needed, at ground level. For more details about the benefits of UFH, check out our previous blog post here.

At Xylo, we can install a variety of high-quality flooring, whether it’s vinyl, laminate or engineered wood. And if you are worried about cold feet, don’t be, because you can easily add a stylish rug or two where it’s most needed. Go for rugs containing wool because this is a natural insulator.

Quality Wooden Flooring from Xylo

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