Beautiful Bedroom Flooring: Options to Consider

If you thought every bedroom needed a carpet, it’s time to think again. There is a growing trend towards using alternative surfaces, including hardwood and laminate flooring, which have many advantages over carpets.

At Xylo Flooring, we supply quality flooring to customers including retailers, house developers and interior design experts. Here we look at some of the reasons to choose beautiful and versatile hard surfaces in the bedroom.

Putting on the Style

Some types of carpet can all too quickly become dated, with both colours and patterns going out of style quickly. Wood grain, by contrast, is always in fashion and will go well with many different types of décor.

Hardwood flooring helps to create a traditional or rustic appearance, particularly when teamed with wooden furniture in the bedroom. This type of look goes well with country-style floral wallpapers and white bed linen, but can also make a great contrast with more modern furnishing styles, including minimalist-themed bedrooms.

Laminate flooring can also give the look of wood, and there are many exciting options in our Urban Click range which will look great with different styles of bedroom décor, including darker and lighter wood profiles with a realistic grained surface. Below are our Avenel-Urban and Hazeltine laminates.

avenel - Urban

Hazeltine - Urban

A Clean Sweep

Bedrooms can all too easily become a home for dust mites, an unwanted visitor which is the cause of the UK’s commonest allergy, affecting four out of every five asthma sufferers. It is far harder to remove dust in a carpeted room, since all carpets trap dust. Allergy experts recommend hardwood flooring as being easy to keep clean, and this is also the case with laminate.

Keeping hardwood and laminate surfaces free of dirt is relatively easy and doesn’t necessarily mean getting the vacuum cleaner out all the time, as with a carpet. Liquid spillages are much easier to deal with in a room with hard flooring, as they do not soak into the surface of the floor and are less likely to cause long-lasting damage. Hair, particularly in homes with a family pet, is also much easier to get rid of.

Built to Last

Harder surfaces in general will not need to be replaced as regularly as carpets, as they show less signs of wear and tear over the years and generally have a longer lifespan. Many of Xylo Flooring’s products also come with a lifetime warranty for domestic use.

Coolness – and Warmth

Choosing a harder, cooler surface than heat-retaining carpets can be an advantage during the hot summer months, helping to keep the temperature down in bedrooms at night. However, when getting out of bed in the morning, particularly in winter, it is nice to put your feet on to a warm surface

To give a bedroom a warmer and more homely feel, putting rugs on a wooden or laminate floor will give the best of all worlds. These can be used as a design feature, to match up with other items of bedroom décor like curtains, or as a contrast to highlight or draw attention to particular items of furniture. Rugs can be chosen in shades which are similar to the flooring or strikingly different, to create exactly the look you want.

Xylo Flooring supplies oak and walnut hardwood flooring as well as laminate and vinyl alternatives. If you would like to know more about our flooring and accessories, click on the link to download a brochure.

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